Sunday, July 27, 2008



Lack of races showed today. Flat legs right from the gun. If it wasn't for all the superfans that yell at us like rock stars, it would've been an easy one to pull the plug on. Sticking it out earned an 11th place/25$. Better than expected after floundering most of the day. Thanks to Don and the Alterra crew for setting up an asskicking course, Hayes Bicycle Group and everyone else who fed the motivation to keep pressin' on. Next week won't be any easier.


Anonymous said...

Great job! Congrats to you, Carlos, & Bender. I should have have come & watched (or helped Russell work, or helped Shawn water down Iguana)
-Cards fan

Carlos said...

Yo SS freak, how many time you made that climb?

Anonymous said...

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