Tuesday, July 01, 2008



Headed up to Levis Trow Saturday AM with Jerry, Russell & Bubba for the State SS Championships. Probably the most epic place the race has been to yet! At the start, Aris and I were first on to our bikes as I told him to stick to my wheel as I led things out. Shortly after we get rolling, Jesse comes around to turn up the pace, followed by Marko and then TJ, the wildcard, rolling a loaner 69er. I dangled as we entered the singletrack before letting the leaders ride away and finding my own pace. Going up a steep climb on the first of 3 mounds, I throw my chain and lose a position before getting it back on. Chasing 4th around the backside of the mound on a rooty decent, I see the guy go down hard with the sound of a shotgun blast. The fork legs are separated from the steerer with his forehead and face taking a brunt of the impact. The dudes messed up so I stopped for a minute to make sure he's alright(?). Meanwhile Devin & James roll up on us and the dude tells me to keep going. A little ways up is a volunteer station where tell them there's a rider down. I eventually ride away on my own again. Paranoid about losing the chain, I take all the climbs seated with a ginger cadence while soaking in the awesome views and great singletrack. Jesse was on a tear for the win while Marko kept it metal in 2nd, TJ got the hang of not shifting for 3rd, and I rode slow enough to hang onto 4th. Thanks to the Chainsmokers for hosting the event, Jerry for the ride and Russell and Bubba for the entertainment along the way.


Chris said...

Hey, sorry if I seemed like a complete idoit after your race. On to Wausau!

bmxmtbfam said...

what kind of fork was it?????