Sunday, October 26, 2008

Saturday, October 25, 2008


Hope was to hit the Doc ride this morning but at 7am it was still dark, wet and cold. Rolled over to Dady Ohs for french toast and ham. Maybe a 1/2 Ronsta route? Skies still didn't inspire confidence. Decided on a double round of the parkway loop(~30mi). The Bianchi still donned its weekday attire but was perfect for the wet, leave covered bike path. Recently I've cut my herd in half and have found the most versatility and fun out of some of my simplest rides. Motivation is coming back, now that its timing is insignificant. A beer bonus got me close to a 3peat last weekend, but Bender was a little too strong as his breakthrough-season momentum carried him into the (well deserved) Beechwood wool this year. Thanks to the Curtes bros who throw a helluva race/party that had me driving home at sunrise. Switch bikes and its off to Janesville. Since I raced/drank the day before and don't train/kind of suck at cross, I opted to race 30+. Its been awhile since I've raced the 'Goat and Jeremey showed me old guys don't have to slow down. I did meander my way around enough to earn a second 2nd place on the weekend. No costume or fixie for me tomorrow. Word is there's some Polish defectors coming into the 30+ so it'll be game on!

Sunday, October 05, 2008


Still keepin it real.