Sunday, January 25, 2009


Another Goodwill find. Nothing special. 80's Peugeot Bordeaux, 56cm, 6sp Exage-Biopace fun! All I really got into it is new tape, fresher tires and some lube & truing. Rides smooth as butter. May pop this on a few rides this spring (unless someone seriously wants to take it off my hands).


The Shed Master said...

For a brand as large as Peugeot I'm amazed that I've never actually owned one. Rest assured however that I have no interest in taking it off your hands.

EXPO Racing said...

Peugeot was my first big boy mtb. Rode it into the ground and loved it. Snapped the crank arm and switched to some GT's. I have much respect for Peugeot bikes.