Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Rides will go on this weekend! Sure, it may not be as nice as last weekend, but 30's are no excuse to pass up a few miles & smiles in February Wisconsin. So, I think we'll hit last weeks program again since everyone seemed to enjoy it so much:

Saturday: 80 miles- Waterville-Holy Hell
Sunday: 40 miles- Ronsta route, casual ride

Rides at 10AM. If ya wanna make a day of it, we'll be eaten breakfast at one of Waukesha's fine eatin' establishments at about 8:30AM and we'll probably get some fine Mexican after the ride as well, so feel free to join if you want the whole WETC experience. Anything else? Email me. Dress warm!


Ben said...

You can count me in for Sunday--

Mad Trix said...

Make up for it wit 120 tomorrow.
Everyday Sunshine.

EXPO Racing said...

What is Sunday look'n like?

I'll be there!

MOG said...

Long ride tomorrow!