Wednesday, February 04, 2009


Missing out on the action? Need motivation? Got base? We got your base right here. Thats right, the next few weekends in February, weather permitting, the Waukesha Elite Training Compound is hosting Saturday and Sunday road rides for YOU, the general cycling public! Routes will range from 40 to 90+ miles and will be announced ahead of time. Come for one or both days. Ride time will be 10:00am all month long. Rides will be easy paced but with minimal stops. No one will get dropped, its only February people! Come ready and willing!

This weekend:
Saturday- Waterville-Holy Hell & Back. 80some miles? (like I keep track?) Budget 5 hours.
Sunday- Ronsta Route. 45mi/3hrs. Bring your fixie or SS!

Come early and meet us for breakfast, 8:30am.



Pieckowicz said...

sunday im in if you make it 4, or at least have an extra hour loop. oh and i thought that you didnt say the training word. now not only do you say it but claim to be the elite training compound. was maciej talking shit about me riding, has his worries gotten to you?

Ronsta, said...

Sorry Douglas, this weekend is as planned. We may ramp up the miles in the following weeks though. You could always ride out here if you needed the extra time!

And you should know, we only use the term "training" tongue in cheek around here! ;)

The Shed Master said...

Doug can always get lost and wander around Waukesha for the extra credit.

Pieckowicz said...

hmmm, that means that i would have to ride back as well. that might push me to 5, but i am flexible unlike others. thats the kind of guy that i am.
by the way clark kent, has your new superhero affiliation been published yet, or are you waiting for a grand debut?

Carlos said...

I might join the ride, as I believe it won't be a hammerfest, then is good for me, maybe I will pull this guy the next day if more peeps join the ride. The indoctrination has begun :)

Ronsta, said...

Doug, I have no clue what that means.
Saturday oughta have the miles your looking for, what are you in jail tomorrow?