Sunday, March 29, 2009


Milwaukee Messenger Invitational went down once again yesterday! Started out with fellow Waukeshans Carlos & Michael along with Gus, Aris and Mark B. Last years champ James Lalonde threw together a fun route which maximized riders intimate knowledge of the city (which i sort of lack). 6 of us rode together well through the first few stops, before a couple wrong turns that set us back. Somehow while making a long stretch the north bound, we got split up. Hit the rest of the stops with some other guys and came in mid pack. Which actually paid off- being the dead middle finisher scored me a Vintage Schwinn Paramount road bike! Worth hanging around for the awards! Sparrow took the overall and Pegasus Katy won it for the womens, both well deserved! Thanks to James for setting up a helluva event, and my crew for riding together as long as we did. It'll be a couple weeks now before i get to take a good look at my prize. Today it was up at 3:30am and 3 flights later this is my current view..

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Mad Trix said...

I hope you got a bike to ride in them hills. Have fun!