Tuesday, March 10, 2009


"Mexican Pabst" still courtesy of Russell.

People are asking if I'm hosting any rides this weekend and the answer is, No. Sorry, that was a February thing. March is the time when other things start needing to get done. One of those things is trailwork! Now and and every Saturday until the first week of June, there are trail work days at the Southern Kettles. If you enjoy riding the Kettles and want to see the work down there progress, kick in a few Saturday mornings this Spring and help make the trails your own. We'll be meeting at the John Muir parking lot at 8:30am and working 9-12, rain or shine. Unless you've got some "Pro" contract prohibiting you from taking part in such events, that "training" excuse just won't fly around here. (See above) It's a good time and makes the riding afterwards that much more worth it! Need details? Just email me.

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Mountaingoat said...

I love chili dogs. You needs some mustard and onions on those things though.