Saturday, May 09, 2009


If you haven't made plans to get out of town and are around on the 25th, heres the deal:

-Meet at my place a little before 8am.
-We'll roll downtown and get breakfast.
-From there, we'll start a 60 some mile adventure that'll include bike paths, city streets, mountain bike trails, country roads and lots and lots of gravel.
-We may or may not stop for lunch, depending on the groups ambition.
-Ride will finish up back at my place where ya'll will be treated to beer and brats.

I highly recommend a touring or cross bike(or mtb w/cx tires). While this will be somewhat of a social ride, the pace may be steady at times. Bring a sensible ride, good attitude and save the race legs for the week after. Hopefully spring will shine upon us! Email me for location.

A little clue of what we'll be doing? All 3 trails on this page and then some.

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