Thursday, May 14, 2009


Ronsta approved.


Dave said...

Looks great! I see it's dirty... how does it work?

Also, what are the angles (head, seat) the fork offset, etc?

What were you looking for in terms of handling? Anything different from your previous framesets?

Ben said...

Nice ride!

Ronsta, said...

Thanks guys,

The angles are

ST 73'
HT 71.5'
Rake 52mm
Axle-Crown 410mm
Eff. TT 600mm
Size 18.5
CSL 440mm (from front of dropout)

I wanted to build a simple, neutral handling, rigid specific 29r. I don't use suspension and don't like the raised front ends of corrected frames. I feel current frames are compromised with short headtubes and long corrected forks. Its a lot of leverage on a small critical area.
Same goes for super compact frames with long seatposts.

Taking suspension out of the equation allowed me to run a lot lower fork with a longer headtube.
I then sloped the toptube just enough to give myself the amount of standover I needed. What I came out with was a very traditional looking mountain bike! To cap it off, I had Ellis Cycles make the beautiful lugged fork as a throwback to the old Bridgstone MB-1's!

Racerveza - Denny Yunk said...

So, does it have a name?
Ronstone MB-1?

enduroloco said...

nice ride when do you start mass production?

bubba said...

Bravo Ronsta!!

EXPO Racing said...

Iola!!!!!!! Love it - Can't wait to touch it!

I brought my fixie this weekend.

sugs said...

That shore is purty!