Tuesday, June 02, 2009


Still not sure exactly what happened. Not ten seconds into the race, we're flat out and setting up for the first turn. I notice someone take a hero shot to the inside and before I know it, Periso's forced into me and I'm sliding on my side in a cloud of dust and carnage. Get up, bloody elbow, wheels don't turn, fork is tweeked, crooked bars, seat is jacked. Due to the epicness of the course I happened to pack a multi tool just for survival reasons. Spend a good 5 mins adjusting brake pads, checking things over and pounding the saddle back into a ridable position. If I can finish one lap, i'm in it for the long haul. Lap 1 & 2 are spent working through traffic, by the 3rd lap I'm into the back of the Elite field. Salvaged what I could. Finish, first-aid, Culvers, home.

The weekend was by no means a loss. In fact, Sunday morning was as good as it could get after seeing Kelli finish 2nd in her first WORS race ever! Couple that with a fun weekend of hanging out with good friends and teammates and an epic course, there was plenty to smile about after.


Mad Trix said...

Soory about your race but Kelli rocked it! I saw her start kind of slowly so she must have been slayin the rest of the race. Nice Work Kelli and we see you guys This weekend.

mtbVegan said...

Sorry to heard about the crash, glad to see you were able to ride away after a few repairs!

bubba said...

WOO-HOO...Way to go Kelli...

Yeah...you too Ron.

Hope that nice new bike isn't too bad off.

Yeah....glad you're ok too Ron.

Racerveza - Denny Yunk said...

What's the damage to the fork? Apparently it was rideable. Is it repairable?

Congrats to Kelli.

Ronsta, said...

Yeah Denny, huge thanks to Dave at Ellis for realigning my fork last night. Gotta love steel!

Just waiting on a new saddle and we're ready for this weekend!

Thanks everyone!

The Shed Master said...

Wrecked 'em?
I forget how the next part goes.

Ben said...

Dude, glad to hear everything was able to be put back to normal. Enact revenge with the next one.