Monday, June 22, 2009


A hat trick of 9ths gave me a strong a GC and made for a profitable weekend! Highlights included riding sunrise laps, drinking with the Don and my Polish brethren on Saturday night, hanging out with the Bluedog crew, cheering Kelli on to a 4th place in her 2nd WORS race, and there was some pretty good racin' done in there too. Thanks to Don for putting on one of the best run events in the midwest- and continues to get better every year! Thanks to Kelli for being out there with the handups (even though i passed on them each lap), and Team Polska for pulling for me.

I think a Ranchito ride is in order this Friday- 6:30! Its been awhile.


Rick said...

I knew the summer was not yet complete

Ben said...

nice man, sounds like a great weekend!