Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Something to do with Bikes, Bocce ball, Guatemalan food and Carlos' birthday! My place @ 6pm.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Don't know where to start. Thanks to my parents for coming up and camping all weekend- my dad for tirelessly running my pit and my mom for all the hot meals that kept me going. Rick Walls (who I borrowed from Jess Kruchoski) for all his top-notch mechanical support. Gus for all his advice and inspiration to keep pressin on. UBI for the experience to build something I could ride day and night to victory and Ellis Cycles for the smooth fork to round things out.

We couldn't have planned a better race. Started off well and hooked up with fellow WORS racer Ben Koenig (2nd in Pro Men!) for half a lap to get into a good position. Plug away for awhile with no other SS's in sight. About 6 hrs in I'm told I have about a 15min lead. I wasn't feeling great- maybe it was the easy 34:19- but I could keep the tempo up if I had to. Paddy was doing a good job keeping me at bay and staying within 20min. Night laps began to take their toll, then somehow, in the darkest hours of the night my legs finally woke up and the gear finally felt right, propelling me into the sunrise and building my lead. After that steady 4 lap assault into the daylight, I figured out I had 3 laps to go to finish, which seemed to instantly deflate my legs and make every rock and root I hit kill my hands and wrists. Longest 3 laps I ever rode. Turning the pedals was my only defense and shortly after 11am Sunday it proved to be enough. Thanks to everyone who cheered me on during the race. And great race Patrick for never letting up. See ya'll next year!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Good racing with good friends!

A good day all around! WETC represented well with Chudy pulling in a 13th and our young Pirate grabbing his first medal in Comp! To top it off, Kelli killed it with her first WORS win ever(& 2nd overall!!) Great weekend everyone!


Monday, July 06, 2009