Monday, August 17, 2009


With WORS not on my schedule this weekend, Kelli talked me into doing Race the Lake. Up we were in the wee hours of the morning jetting up to to Fon du Lac and picking up race packets in the dark. It was barely twilight when the race rolled out of down town and up the west side of Lake Winnebago. A driving tailwind and endless flat roads kept everyone balled up together for a majority of the race. Dodged a couple gnarly wrecks and stayed on the front group as we headed south. Zig-zagging down the eastside of the lake had us alternating between head and cross winds, lulls and surges. With about 20mi to go I began to pop and fell off the lead of about 15 riders. Yo-yo'd in the chase group not far behind for a few more miles before getting spit out for good. Hooked up with Rick Amen and a couple other dudes and just rode it in. Ended up a few minutes off the main group but can't complain. Cleaned up, had lunch with some other fast dudes and watched Kelli come in a little while later. Nice way to spend a sunday morning.

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