Monday, September 28, 2009


photos:Kelli & John Hanson

With rain the night before and a big cross race going on up the road, turnout for this years FCF was surprisingly well. Nathan was off the front early and never looked back, while I lead the chase group of Maciej and Ted Hanes up the northern route of the 28 mile loop. My attempts to stretch the group out took its toll as I let Maciej by when we hit the climbs at Emma and did my best to hold off Ted for 5 more miles down the connector. After crossing Young Rd., Ted made his move in a field section to go after Maciej. I dropped into survival mode the last couple miles and held on to 4th. I was happy for Nathan since I know he was gunning for this race and had fun racing with Ted & Maciej. Good to see Carlos roll in a little bit after me in 5th, putting 3 of the WETC riders in the top 5! Thanks to Trek, Wheel & Sprocket and the Bike Patrol for putting on a fun event!


bmxmtbfam said...

good work, great way to stand up and take over marking the course

GARAGE864 said...

sick #3 pic