Saturday, November 07, 2009


Wow. I understand a leafless November, but sleeveless?

Yeah, 70 some degrees today! Love Indian Summer!

Forget cross! On a day like this onetrack needs to be slayered! 3+ hours of rippin' Kettles! Even caught up with Forrest, who was also burning off the amazing Chicken curry dinner our good friends Krista & Brendan had us over for last night (Thanks guys!).

A few more sessions like that Fo and you'll be on the WETC program as well! Anyway, enough about today, lets catch up on some things you might've missed out on and also whats coming up, OK?

Nearly a week ago Russell threw down his 2nd Annual Tour of Tosa. Without getting into too many details(not only for legal reasons but because I'm just lazy), all I'll say is twice as many people were clued into the Shedmasters craziness this year and I don't see why twice as many wouldn't be there next year. If your still not sure, here's a blip of the Figure 8 Crit Race of Death!

There's also some less incriminating photos here, here & here.

Another thing thats still going on is Lapham Peak Wednesdays! Word from Jack is that while riding has become optional, eating is manadatory, so bring a dish to pass and all will be forgiven.

Looking ahead, I think another Rockesha Ride (aka Ranchito ride) is in the works for Friday Nov. 20. Mark your calendars. We may or may not hit El Ranchito, hence the name change, but it'll still be the same Spring City fun you're accustomed to. I'll try to reserve this weather as well but no guarantees..

On a sad note, I heard from Maciej today that the time him and his brother, Marcin, have with their mom is becoming shorter and shorter very quickly. My thoughts and prayers go out to them.

Now, gotta get back to this fine day.

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Shelley said...

I going to hold you to keeping Forrest on the WETC program!

Tell Maciej we are thinking of him.