Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Yes Yes Yes Folks!! We're doing it again!!

Rockesha Ride this Friday @6:00 pm!

Come out for about a 1hour tour of the Fox River Parkway and Riverwalk. We'll do the usual- bell ringing Past Carroll, Mass down Sunset and West Ave drags. All this culminates in downtown Waukesha where we'll find some good food and also sample some of Spring City's finer establishments. Bring any kind of bike, a light, a bell if you have one and let the good times roll!

Email me for exact location: ronsta36@yahoo.com


Anonymous said...

Trent Faith ---- I get it, I have to get some screws for one of my road shoes, I had to rob them for a client. I will do anything for a buck to a fault. So I am stuck to the dirt til I find some keo screws.

Who is Ronsta?

Forrest Smith ----
RON STAwiki, you whore.

Anonymous said...

ouch fo...so harsh on heppy... be kind or he'll yack on ya !