Sunday, January 31, 2010


It's taken me a couple days to recover(in the form of some great riding and skiing this weekend) but if you haven't noticed Rockesha pics are up on flickr. Even with temps in the teens, the core group came out for a good time downtown. Good to see everyone who made the trip in the cold!

Word is the next one is going down on March 20th, which is a Saturday! So make a note.

Friday, January 29, 2010


(While these Mofo's may or may not be in attendance, there will be Blatz)

It's about as cold as it can get but its still on! The ride may be shortened a bit more, we'll see how hearty the group is. Dress warmer than expected! Ride will start at 6:30!! For those passing on the ride we should be at Ranchito about 7:15. See ya then!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


As I mentioned last week, Rockesha is going down this Friday! Social ride, dinner, drinking & music downtown. My place @6:30 (email for info). It's supposed to be cold friday, like teens, but the ride will only be like 30mins so dress warm.

BTW, don't know about the conditions at Lapham, but I'm out tonight. Hopefully fresh powder comes soon!

Sunday, January 24, 2010


Killer edit of what went down last night

MIDWEST MAYHEM!!! from Seth Root on Vimeo.

A few more clips here.

And to round out the action packed weekend, I caught up with the Labecki's and a little BMX racin'

Hope that makes your monday :)

Saturday, January 23, 2010


First time doing a ski race. Course was a modified black loop, a little longer than the usual- 12k?. Started with a prologue loop around the bottom of the hill and had an extra field section instead of subdivision hill. Started near the back, about 12th wave of 15-20 skiers. Dropped by the skaters right away but caught a strider from the wave ahead as we joined on to the regular course. Made time on the climbs passing people, some of them getting me back on the flats. Apparently classic isn't what all the cool kids are doing. Went back & forth with the other classic guy but I knew I was a minute up on him. Conditions were slow as it was like 40' and misting out but the grooming was great. Last 2 climbs I dropped the group I was with and bombed the decents then double pulled it clean into the finish. It was THE HARDEST I ever skied! Think I kind of held my own from where I started, ended up 6th out of 7 in age, the only classic but had a great time. Full results should be on later. Now off to Mayhem!

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Holy moly is there a ton of crap coming down the chute for this weekend. First off, Reilly's playing at the HoG tomorrow! While that in itself is reason enough to get a Rockesha Ride together, it just wouldn't be fair with Chudy out of town for a wedding, so we're doing Rockesha NEXT WEEK the 29th!! Still, Reilly & Guinness are best shared in the company of others, so if anyone wants to do a short ride around town with dinner before getting our Irish Rock on, hit me up.

On to Saturday. If you have the ski bug, as I do, then the Lapham Loppet is where you should be. Conditions tonight were wicked fast, hopefully it holds out for the weekend. If snow biking's your thing Metro's putting on a race at Crystal Ridge at noon. The warming temps might make that a pretty good time if the rain holds off. Saturday night Milwaukee is hosting Midwest Mayhem. I don't trick but hipster Michael and I might roll down to check out the hubub.

Sunday will be left for sleeping in, maybe a bike ride and then hopefully a trip down to the BMX track to cheer these guys on. If you haven't been then you really should. And if you were hoping to be bored all weekend, sorry I ruined that too.

As for today, Thursday was another good day to me. A sweet 3 hours on the pedals this morning,

And almost 2 hours on the skis tonight.
Slowly upping the ante ;)

Monday, January 18, 2010


3 hours of back roads, 1 hour of skiing. Already, its becoming too easy. The ante will be upped soon enough. Its reassuring the saddle tolerance is where its at. Tomorrow is Tuesday! The snow may suck where you are, but Lapham is busy cranking out their own, so grab a 6r and don't think about bailing out!

Saturday, January 16, 2010


Finally took a short break from the skis this morning and headed out with Chudy for the first real ride of the year. 50+ miles & 3hrs through wind and sleet with a nice redemption of sunshine near the end.

Ahhh, winter miles have begun!

Think I'll grab the sticks for a quick one before dark though..
Gotta love living in Wisco!