Thursday, January 21, 2010


Holy moly is there a ton of crap coming down the chute for this weekend. First off, Reilly's playing at the HoG tomorrow! While that in itself is reason enough to get a Rockesha Ride together, it just wouldn't be fair with Chudy out of town for a wedding, so we're doing Rockesha NEXT WEEK the 29th!! Still, Reilly & Guinness are best shared in the company of others, so if anyone wants to do a short ride around town with dinner before getting our Irish Rock on, hit me up.

On to Saturday. If you have the ski bug, as I do, then the Lapham Loppet is where you should be. Conditions tonight were wicked fast, hopefully it holds out for the weekend. If snow biking's your thing Metro's putting on a race at Crystal Ridge at noon. The warming temps might make that a pretty good time if the rain holds off. Saturday night Milwaukee is hosting Midwest Mayhem. I don't trick but hipster Michael and I might roll down to check out the hubub.

Sunday will be left for sleeping in, maybe a bike ride and then hopefully a trip down to the BMX track to cheer these guys on. If you haven't been then you really should. And if you were hoping to be bored all weekend, sorry I ruined that too.

As for today, Thursday was another good day to me. A sweet 3 hours on the pedals this morning,

And almost 2 hours on the skis tonight.
Slowly upping the ante ;)

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