Saturday, May 22, 2010


Ramble Ride, Memorial Day
Get your gravel on!

A few updates from last years,

-Ride will start from my place, 9am. If you don't know, find someone who does.

-We're reversing the route from last year. So if you planned to ride in from MKE, you won't be able to hook up with us. Either leave early and bail near the end or plan for a good day of bonus miles.

-Mountain stage/ DFL bonus- The only substantial climb of the route is on the LC trail at Pewaukee Lake. Upon cresting the climb, everyone will have to dismount and heckle those coming up behind them. The last one up gets a big push and continues down the backside of the hill. This'll keep the group from stringing out.

-If we run across a Parade we'll stop and enjoy it.

-Being Memorial Day, we'll exercise a 'Ride of Silence' along the 1 mile stretch of New Berlin trail between Sunnyslope & Moorland as it passes Veterans Park.

-Post ride- Brats, Blatz and Bocce ball at my place. Everyone's welcome to bring a dish to pass as well!

Plan for an all day event. Bring a 'cross, touring or lightly treaded MTB. We'll be riding all kinds of terrain- gravel, singletrack and even Milwaukee county roads, so a fancy road bike won't cut it. The pace won't be fast but may be steady at times, dress comfortably for a long day. Email me with questions.


The Shed Master said...

No finer ride in May!

Ben said...

thanks for the invite, but Julie and I are out of town...