Monday, August 30, 2010


The last one is upon us, tomorrow at 6pm. If you haven't made it yet it won't be one to miss. Last week was one of the most painful but smooth, 38 miles in 1:40! We'll see, maybe the last two weeks of racing took its toll, maybe not.

Next week we switch to Lapham Peak on Wednesdays. Bring a CX or MTB. 2 social laps then 2 hot laps for those who want to. Meet there @6. We'll either cook out or hit up Delafield for food & drink after.

Lastly, mark it down- Friday September 10th is the return of Rockesha! All the traditions will be on hand- preride Blatz at my place, bell ringing past Carroll U, mass on Sunset, blazing the darkway, dinner at El Ranchito, river laps and finishing up with a few "refreshment" stops.

Email me if you can make it or have questions.


Anonymous said...

What's the roll-out time for the Rockesha ride?

Ronsta, said...

7pm sharp!