Thursday, December 22, 2011


Adams got a plan..
We are putting together the 2nd Annual New Years Eve Townie Bar Tour of Waukesha.

Some minor details--This year NYE is on a Saturday, So way may start up as early as 6pm.

The meet-up will be at The Cooler off of Main street on Martin Avenue behind El Palmar, there is a public parking lot nearby between the Ace Hardware on Main Street and Barstow.

These bars will not have a cover or require a dress code. Bring folding money 99% of these places don't even know credit cards exist.

Many of these bars are used to shady characters so we should all fit in.
Ronsta and I have started to recon some new candidates for the ride, but we will include some favorites from last year.

The weather will determine the radius of the NYETBT.

No Minors/Not a Club Event.

Bring a cheap lock, your nicest whip, and a light.
See ya then!

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